Ramona Bloju

Ramona Bloju

Commercial Manager Strategy and Planning

Philip Morris Trading

After a 10 years experience in marketing and commercial marketing in the consumer goods industry, Ramona Bloju joined Philip Morris in 2011 to embrace a commercial and strategic business experience of a brand new business.

Within the company, Ramona Bloju had the opportunity to develop and implement the marketing strategy for all brands in Philip Morris’s portfolio, to later accept a new challenge within the sales department.

Currently, Ramona Bloju coordinates the Strategy and Planning departments, being responsible for defining strategies for sales channels, developing platforms and programs for retailers and consumer smokers at the point of sale, while ensuring the successful implementation of all initiatives, both for conventional tobacco products and for the new IQOS category.

Ramona is passionate about brands and people and wants to have a positive impact on the company and the people who are part of it.

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