Ionuț Parfente

Head of Fruits & Vegetables Purchases

Kaufland România

Ionuț Parfente has been working in retail for 16 years, since the very beginning of modern retail in Romania. Since 2001, he has worked in various purchasing departments within retail companies, and since 2005 has joined Kaufland Romania, as soon as the company has entered the local market.

Previously, Ionut professionaly explored interdisciplinary areas like education and finance, which helped to prepare a strategic vision of management.

Ionuţ is a Head of Fruit and Vegetable Purchases within Kaufland Romania for more than 10 years. Among other things, he is responsible for the relationship with the suppliers of vegetables and fruits and coordinates projects for the development of local farmers. The most important of these are: GLOBALG.A.P program, through which the company supports the Romanian producers to obtain the most prestigious international certification of food quality and safety for their productions – and “Cooperativa Ţara Mea”, developed in partnership with the Agrostar Federation, through which over 350 Romanian farmers sell their products to the Kaufland Romania network .

Ionuţ is one of the people who implements Kaufland Romania’s purchasing policy focused on local assortment. The company currently has a portfolio of over 50% of products coming from Romania.

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