Gabriela Luca

Market Trend Hunter

GfK Romania

A professional sociologist, Gabriela Luca has always been passionate about studying human behavior and, in particular, people’s interaction with brands.

That’s how today, at just 31, Gabriela has accumulated a 10-year experience in the consumer goods and grocery retail industry within GfK Romania. She initially specialized in analyzing Consumer Panel data, the only household monitoring tool in Romania, becoming a reference consultant for some of the biggest names in the market and building trust and long lasting relationships with industry people.

Beyond data and figures, Gabriela’s expertise also touches areas of increased, strategic complexity such as multi-channel approach or repositioning in response to new trends.

When she does not advise the brands and does not speak at the conferences, Gabriela is in charge of building her own business, a specialty coffee shop and a juice bar that bets on a healthy lifestyle.


The grocery landscape is currently facing some unprecedented changes. Shoppers have new dynamics, brands fight back private labels, retail banners go beyond expansion fighting for people’s hearts & mind.

Key points covered:

  • Understand the current grocery landscape
  • Explore retail developments from shopping perspective
  • Look at the critical changes of the shopping basket and missions
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